Meetings and Programs

September 10, 2016

“George Mason, His Legacy — The Bill of Rights and Gunston Hall, His Home”

October 1, 2016

“Tour of Rippon Lodge, Virginia C.A.R. State Project for 2016-2017”

November 5, 2016

“Understanding the Tribal Recognition Process and Native American Tribes in Virginia”

December 3, 2016

"Winter at Valley Forge"

January 7, 2017

Chapter Master Report
"Fun with DARopoly

February 4, 2017

"Introducing the State Regent's Project"

March 4, 2017

"The American Rosie the Riveter Association"

April 1, 2017

Lane's Mill Chapter 20th Anniversary Celebration
"Repealing the Stamp Act"

May 6, 2017

"Storing, Preserving, and Protecting Family Treasures"