Our Patriots

What is a patriot and how do I find out if I have one?

A patriot is defined by the NSDAR as an individual, regardless of race, creed, or gender, who either served in or contributed goods and services to the American Revolutionary War armed forces. The NSDAR maintains and continually updates a public database and research library in downtown Washington, D.C., to aid you in your search for a patriot. As a prospective member, our registrar is your main link to the chapter. If you have any questions, contact Lane's Mill Chapter NSDAR.

Don't have a patriot yet? No worries!

Although we do require that you have a patriot to complete the application process, the only requirement to be a prospective member of our chapter is that you be a female above age 18. Find details on our Membership page.

Adams, John – Massachusetts
Alexander, Robert - Virginia
Anderson, Peter – North Carolina
Anderson, William - Virginia
Babb, Moses – New Hampshire
Bailey, George – Maryland
Barton, Josiah - Massachusetts
Beadles, Joel – Virginia
Billings, John - Connecticut
Birdsall, Lemuel – New York
Bolton, Henry - Pennsylvania
Buck, Joseph – New Jersey
Butcher, Paulser - Virginia
Cabell, Sr, William – Virginia
Cabell, Jr, William - Virginia
Capp, Demsey – North Carolina
Carrington, Paul - Virginia
Chadwick, Elihu – New Jersey
Croxton, James – Virginia
Dabney, Robert - Virginia
Daggett, Joseph – Massachusetts
Dandridge, Nathaniel West - Virginia
De Monbreun, Jacques Timothe Boucher - Virginia
Deatherage, John - North Carolina
Deatherage, William – North Carolina
Doss, James – Virginia
Doty, Stephen - Massachusetts
Downey, William – North Carolina
Drane, James - Maryland
Dyer, Samuel – Maryland
Emery, Daniel – Massachusetts
Essary, John - Virginia
Ewing, Alexander - Pennsylvania
Faxon, Ebenezer - Connecticut
Feuerbach, Johann Adam – Pennsylvania

Fessenden, Ebenezer - Massachusetts
Fockler, Gottlieb - Pennsylvania
Frantz, Abraham - Pennsylvania
Frantz, Christian - Pennsylvania
Gill, John - Massachusetts
Gilley, Francis - Virginia
Goddard, Isaac - Connecticut
Golson, John Lewis - South Carolina
Golson, Lewis - South Carolina
Graham, Jacob – Virginia
Graves, Aaron – Massachusetts
Green, Isaac – South Carolina
Harmon, Michael – Pennsylvania
Henry, Patrick – Virginia
Herndon, John – North Carolina
Hicks, George – South Carolina
Hiser, John - Pennsylvania
Hoffman, Christian – Pennsylvania
Hogg, Richard – Virginia
Hounshell, John – Virginia 
Hurt, Zachariah - Virginia
Ironmonger, Cornelius – Virginia
Lacy, Philemon - North Carolina
Lee, Richard Henry - Virginia
Lemasters, Benjamin – Virginia
Lepley, Jacob – Pennsylvania
Lewis, John - North Carolina
Livengood, Peter - Pennsylvania
Lloyd, Frederic - North Carolina
Lloyd, Thomas - North Carolina
Lockwood, Henry – New York
Luter, Hardy – North Carolina
Little, Thomas – North Carolina
Magruder III, Samuel – Maryland
Maxwell, James – Connecticut

Michael, Andrew – Maryland
Miller, Henry - Pennsylvania
Minter, Anthony - Virginia
Morrow, Jr, Samuel – South Carolina
Oakes, Seth – Massachusetts and Continental Line
Olmstead, James - Connecticut
Peck, Levi – Vermont/Massachusetts
Preston, Moses – Virginia 
Reynolds, John – Delaware
Roush, Jonas – Virginia
Salley, Joseph - Virginia
Salter, John - North Carolina
Schleife, Frederick - Pennsylvania
Seeley, Enos - New Jersey
Seward, Benjamin - Virginia
Shackelford, George – North Carolina
Shockey, Christopher – Pennsylvania
Smith, Charles – South Carolina
Stroud, William - North Carolina
Tate, Jesse - South Carolina
Thrasher, Christopher Stophel - Pennsylvania
Thrift, Isham - North Carolina
Thurmond, John – Virginia
Todd Sr, James - Pennsylvania
Turner, Lewis – Virginia 
Underwood, David – Massachusetts
Wade, Isaac - Virginia
Warner, Daniel – Vermont
West, Isaac – South Carolina
Whittington, Nathaniel - South Carolina
Williamson, Alden - Virginia
Withers, Enoch Keane – Virginia
Withers, Thomas - Virginia
Wofford, Joseph – South Carolina
Woodson Sr, John – Virginia